artist profile

Peter has been compelled to make art from an early age. The origins of his work, he recalls, are tracing drawings of war planes from books and playing with toy soldiers in his bedroom. As a child he built military forts and suspended model planes around his room. As Peter pursued his talent recognizable themes became apparent. Peter’s art can be seen through three main ‘themes’; 1 The human figure; 2 Organic forms and geometry and 3 The spiritual.

The Human Figure – Peter uses elements of the human body as building blocks to express emotion, psychology and morality. Peter often distorts the body to emphasize the ideas he is exploring.

Organic forms and geometry – Peter is impressed with the intelligence of organic forms. Sea shells, trees, flowers, crystals and patterns in the landscape. As a student Peter spends his time in the presence of nature, trying to learn from its logic. Peter has also created his own expressions of organic forms as an expression of his own experience.

The Spiritual – Peter has sought an understanding of the spiritual throughout his life. He has an innate belief that connection with the spiritual is vital to a life well lived.  Peter has explored religious ideas, spirituality and faith in his art.

Since 2009 In 2009 Peter was commissioned to design and build 2 wall panels for Our Lady of Grace Chapel in Sydney. The first panel, in timber, expresses the journey of St Augustine’s conversion to Christianity. The second panel, in stone, expresses the religious order of The Augustinians. In 2010 Peter was commissioned to design and supply a statue which expressed the ideals and values of Mercy Health. The statue, a life size figure in bronze, stands at the entrance to Mercy Health’s facility in Thurgoona. In 2011 Peter was commissioned to design and build a chocolate fountain for Princess Coco, a chocolate cafe  in Sydney’s CBD. The fountain is a fantasy of blown glass and flowing chocolate. It is intended to inspire wonder and to generate interest in the cafe.

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