1300x1300mm – 1996

acrylic on board

This is a major piece of mine. It was create in a factory in Marrickville. I was living in the studio, painting full time. I would wake and work at strange hours. I used to go across the park to the public swimming pool to exercise and shower. Often I would sleep with ear muffs on because the airplanes would fly close over the building in the morning and wake me.

I had trouble socializing because I spent so much time painting. I had trouble talking to people due to a lack of practice. So many paintings were lost during this time because I would just paint over and over the same painting. Under this one there are many good paintings.

This painting is about taking responsibility. Instead of pointing my finger at the troubles which I perceive around me, this painting commands me to take a look a the troubles which are contained within me.

As an artist and as a person this  ability to ”looking inside myself’ has led to a greater sensitivity, a deeper perception. Sometimes I look for too long and the results are not healthy, sometimes I forget to look and again I find troubles. If ‘Fred’ only looks inside himself it’s not good.

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