Moving in week 1

picture hanging

Congratulations on you’re new home Simon, Louise and Mac. You guys are cool. They have an awesome entrance to to they’re Bondi home. We hung they’re collection of female portraits on

photo framing


the late winter sun in Sydney is close to heaven. In fact looking through these leaves at the carpark in Neutral Bay I thought I could almost see heaven… on

jersey framing

jersey framing sydney

This NRL jersey picture framing job used a coloured trim for the internal spacing. It created an elegant and dynamic frame. This style of sports framing would work with any

picture hanging big stuff

picture hanging

If any one wants to hang an airbus a380 then this drill bit might be worth consideration. Unfortunately it won’t fit any of my drills. On the other hand if you’d

cricket bat picture framing

picture framing cricket bat

Cricket bat picture framing is a great addition to any sports framing or sports memorabilia framing collection. Cricket bats actually look pretty cool in a frame. You can even frame

Picture framing memorabilia


These cans were empty when they were framed. There are a few limits to what gets a picture frame put around it; anything larger than truck, is too big; it’s

NRL Captains Jerseys Unwashed

nrl jersey

Cocoa Cola ran a promotion to get the jersey of the back off all the NRL captains, not wash it,  frame it and give it to a fan. OMG some of

Racing Suit

racing suit

The challenge for framing this kind of lycra suit is to get it to sit properly. Under this one is foam packed in such a way so that the form

Entrance Star


This painting is positioned at the end of an entrance hall. The strong vanishing point works really well in focussing energy into the house. Of course nothing trumps the little girl standing

Wall Group

wall group

I came across this group of frames in a shop in the city. I think its pretty cool. I shows that collections can be varied. The original frames and unusual combinations bring this